Describe what friday and saturday was for?

Friday was the day that we were to spend at Werribee mansion. At the mansion we took photos, we tried to re-create 16th-17th century photos, by taking modern day photos of the class. Then when we got back to school Cathy showed the class ( what was left ) how to paint a landscape art piece. That is what i did for Friday.

On Saturday, Larissa put pots, glasses and stuff on the table and we had to do live drawings of them.

List one thing that you learnt.

– I learnt that landscape paintings, are paintings that can be done really fast.

– I also learnt that if i had of stayed the whole night on friday, i would’ve enjoyed it.

List at least one thing you liked the most.

– I liked that when we were at the mansion we weren’t on a leash and we could do what ever ( with reason )

– I also liked the landscape painting i did.

List something you didn’t like.

– I didn’t like the weather.

– i didn’t like that i left early.

– i didn’t like that, i didn’t come on saturday.